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We're a Brick & Mortar Travel Agency in the San Francisco East Bay

With today’s online technology travel is at your fingertips; however, the service, attention to detail and indepth knowledge provided by a TravelCenter Tours and Travel Agent is built on almost 2 decades of work in the industry. We are here to handle your travel needs from start to finish. We attend travel seminars so that our travel knowledge is continuing to evolve and grow with the industry. Our knowledge regarding latest non-stop flight service, new resorts and cruise ships is something we are ready to share with you. Our staff is here to customize your group travel plans, specific to your requests, whether it’s a one day local tour, multiday extended tour or a sightseeing day in the city, we handle all the details. We are here to make sure your travel experience is enjoyable from start to finish. TravelCenter offers professional follow through to ensure a hassle free memorable day or vacation.

Joyce Gengler | Travel Agent - Owner

Working in the Travel Industry has been my career for the past 35-plus years, opening TravelCenter Tours and Travel in 1993, and working with another company prior to my agency launch. Through the years I have watched the travel industry evolve from “paper airline tickets” to “ticketless travel” with exotic destinations becoming the norm. I am so fortunate to work in this industry with a great staff of family and friends and enjoy what I do. My greatest pleasure is having our clients return from their travels, sharing their experiences with us, and allowing us to plan their next vacation.

Favorite Travel Destination: Italy
Why? It is the home of my ancestors and a place I hold near to my heart.

Lisa Mittone | Travel Agent

After 18 years in the health care field I felt like it was time for a career change, having grown up with the travel industry at my fingertips it felt appropriate to move into a career that I love and am passionate about. For me, TravelCenter is a family business as I am walking in my mom’s footprints. I am the agent in the office who has updated our technology and works daily to break down the myths behind using a Travel Agency. I am married with 2 daughters and we all love to travel. I have been on many cruises, traveled Europe and visited many locations in the United States. I look forward to helping you plan your next adventure; whether it’s a family friendly vacation, a romantic getaway or a day trip for you and your friends/club members on a motorcoach adventure. I look forward to working you.

Favorite Travel Destination: New York
Why? I enjoy the hustle of the city, the history, the theater and of course the amazing cuisine that is all at your fingertips and in walking distance

Vera Kaufman | Travel Agent

My love of travel started at a very young age when I immigrated from Italy and got my first taste of ships and trains. For me travel has been personally rewarding, whether it’s going back to Italy and discovering all the treasures it has to offer or developing travel destinations for our clients that offer fun, enjoyment and memories. Travel affords us all the flavors the world has to offer, so let us help you choose your next place to explore.

Favorite Travel Destination: Northern Italy
Why? Not only because of the nostalgic attachment to family and friends, but it’s the splendor of it’s beautiful architecture, the elegance of the piazzas, or indulging in delicious pasta topped off by my all favorite vino rosso

Rose Marie Gish | Travel Agent

I have been employed at TravelCenter for the past 18 years. I look forward to sharing my cruise knowledge with you, I have traveled on many different cruise lines and am here to help you choose the best cruise line to suite your personality and needs. Over the years I have traveled extensively over Europe and have enjoyed the countries I have visited and look forward to sharing my stories with you.

Favorite Travel Destination: Maui, Hawaii
Why? I enjoy hearing the ocean sound while relaxing on the beach.

Michael Gengler | Accountant - Owner

The travel industry has always been a part of my life. Sharing the experiences of travel with my wife has always been something I have enjoyed. During my separate career at United Parcel Service, I did travel; however, it certainly was not leisurely. After retiring from UPS, to keep busy I decided to join TravelCenter as their part-time accountant. It is definitely a change, especially working with ALL women. I do enjoy my time at the agency and working together with family is definitely rewarding.

Favorite Travel Destination: Italy
Why? Italy was my first travel destination abroad and everytime I visit the sites bring me back in time.

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