10 Myths About Using a Travel Agent

March 28th, 2016 | Lisa Mittone

1o Myths About Using a Travel Agency That Absolutely Aren't True

There are misconceptions about travel agencies everywhere. Myths such as, “No one uses travel agencies anymore!” and, “Travel agencies are way more expensive than booking online, my trip is too small for a travel agency.” We hear these comments every day, keep reading as we explain 10 common travel agency myths that are absolutely not true!

No one uses travel agencies anymore.

Travel agencies sell 51% of all airline tickets, and that is only the beginning. In this, the age of the internet, you would think millennials would be the last people to use a travel agency — but they actually do, with increasing frequency. As today's travelers grow frustrated with online travel booking issues, they are beginning to turn to travel agencies more and more.

Along with airline tickets, travel agencies book 87% off all cruises, 81% of tours and packages, 45% of all car rentals, and 47% of all hotels.

Think of how much time you spend looking for the right flight, hotel, and ground transportation.

Then think of how nice it would be to let someone take this off your hands.

I can easily book the same awesome trip on my own.

It is true, travel agents have access to all the same booking sites you do.

But they also have exclusive access to pricing and packages that are not available to you.

TravelCenter agents have connections and relationships with hotels, tour companies, airlines, rental companies, and more often than not can get you special pricing, upgrades, or even get you into “booked” hotels. In fact, some hotels reserve rooms specifically for travel agents with last minute requests.

Travel agencies are a waste of time.

Travelers often spend hours looking for the best deal and itinerary for their trip. Comparative shopping, searching for deals, or just trying to make sure that you aren’t accidentally booking into a terrifying version of the Bates Motel all takes time.

Give TravelCenter your destination, budget, and travel requirements, and let us do all the shopping for you. TravelCenter is experienced in travel planning and can save you all these endless hours by doing the research and comparison shopping for you.

TravelCenter agents also have the most up-to-date pricing, availability information, and insider knowledge regarding the industry. All this gives them the upper hand and a foolproof recipe for planning the best trip possible.

Travel agents don’t have the most up-to-date information.

Again, travel agents do get some of their information from the same source you do online, but we also receive daily notifications containing the most up-to-date pricing information for resorts and hotels, as well as any specials that are not published online.

Along with these connections, our travel agency has the ability to contact the source directly — we even have personal relationships with sales representatives, that allows us the chance to get specials and deals that you could not get online.

I can get cheaper prices online.

Technically, this is true. There is always a cheaper place to stay, a cheaper car, and a ‘better deal’.

But in these instances, you have to remember that you get what you pay for. If you don’t mind staying in a dingy motel with questionable carpet stains and the distinct smell of stale cigarette smoke and wet dog, just to save $50 dollars, then maybe you don’t need a travel agent.

BUT if you’d rather stay at a 4 star hotel with room upgrades, better accommodations, and meal and spa credits for the same amount...then you should consider booking through TravelCenter. In addition, you also have a 24 hour go-to person to help with any issues, itinerary changes or any airline issues.

Travel agents urge clients to use hotels or cruise lines that pay a higher commission.

At TravelCenter Tours and Travel, we absolutely do not urge clients to use hotels or cruise lines based on commission. In fact, all of our employees are paid hourly or are on salary. Most other travel agencies do pay their agents on a commission base. TravelCenter prides ourselves on no hidden fees while many other agencies do charge additional fees for all service rendered.

At TravelCenter, our main goal is to keep you, our client, happy and coming back for every new travel opportunity. Our goal is to match you with the right location, hotel, cruise, airlines, etc. that will meet your goals and expectations — everytime.

Travel agencies do get better deals from certain airlines or hotels at times, but choosing the best options for the client is the number one priority.

Travel agents only book flights and hotels.

Flight and hotel booking is only one tiny piece of what TravelCenter agents do. TravelCenter has the experience and expert knowledge with ground transportation, activities, tours, travel insurance, as well as all the basics. Your TravelCenter agent should also be your go-to person for advice on local restaurants, sites to see, and travel tips. If you want to go hand-gliding in the Swiss Alps, or find a local speakeasy that requires a special handshake to get in, or you are eager to delve into the local music scene, TravelCenter will find the answers for you.  TravelCenter can not only book and plan each of these individual travel components, we are experts in planning a full trip from start to finish.

Every travel agency works out of their home.

TravelCenter has been a storefront agency for over 23 years.  Many other agencies are only available over the phone because they are working from their home; not true for TravelCenter you can stop into our office 5 days a week to talk to one of our many professional agents.

All travel agents are the same

This is absolutely not true. You should look for a travel agency the same way you would look for a doctor or personal trainer. You need to find one that you trust and best fits your needs and preferences.

Remember, not all travel agencies are the same. If you were unhappy with an agent in the past, try another. You may be surprised.

TravelCenter specializes in group and individual travel and will customize your travel needs down to the finest detail to assure your safety, comfort and entertainment, our priority is to personalize each trip just for you!

Travel agencies are trying to cheat me if they don’t quote me the cheapest price.

When booking a trip, it is important to ask yourself, “What is most important to me?”

Is the answer a great trip that is stress and issue-free? Or is the answer lowest price?

Everyone is different when it comes to their trip expectations, so don’t be shy when talking with your agent. Travel agencies are experienced in working with both situations, but you must be upfront about these requirements in order to get what you want.

TravelCenter has had many years of experience booking trips of all types. You may find a less expensive option online, but without a dedicated travel agent and the 24/7 support; that lower price tag may come with issues and stress.

TravelCenter agents spend hours finding the best value for your “travel dollars”. Unless you ask for the absolute cheapest option, our agents will work hard to get you the best value.

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