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February 3, 2017 | Lisa Mittone

The Importance of Purchasing Travel Insurance

There are travelers who purchase travel insurance as a necessity for every trip, however there are countless others who think it is an unnecessary expense.   Reason being, there are several myths that surround travel insurance.  The population of travelers who believe insurance is an “avoidable” expense think so due to their confident belief that nothing can go wrong while on vacation, and settling or filing a claim with the insurance company is going to be too difficult.  These examples and many other common myths contribute to the limited knowledge about the importance of travel insurance.  Please take a moment to read on, as I try to eliminate some of the most common myths about travel insurance.


Myth: “Nothing Can Happen While on a Trip”

 This is one of the most common myths believed by the traveler.  You may have taken several trips domestically or internationally without incident; however in the case something does go wrong, what is the harm in being prepared. A missed flight, passport theft, sudden illness, accidents, trip cancellation due to an unavoidable reason are just some of the small reasons why travel insurance is necessary.  A War-hit country, natural disaster or terrorist attack could require evacuation, in this case you could stand to lose a substantial amount of money if you have not purchased travel insurance. 

Truth: You should purchase travel insurance for every trip

 Myth: “My Domestic Health Insurance Policy Will Cover Me”

 Many travelers forego travel insurance with the wrongful impression that their health insurance policy will cover them in case of an illness while traveling. They aren’t entirely wrong in thinking so, as some medical insurance policies do provide coverage internationally.  However; if you require medical evacuation or medical transfers without travel insurance this would be an out of pocket expense. 

Truth: Travel Insurance Covers Emergency Accident and Sickness Medical Expense as well as Emergency Medical Evacuation

 Myth: “Collecting a Claim is Going to Be Impossible”

Travel Insurance policies have been invented for the purpose of easing a traveler’s mental agony in case something goes wrong on a trip.  An efficient travel insurance policy ideally features an easy and hassle free process for the client to file and collect claim amount for any event that is covered under the policy like baggage loss, trip cancellation, medical emergencies, and more.

Truth: Travel Insurance covers Baggage loss and delay

 Myth: “I’m not doing anything Dangerous While on Vacation”

 The common myth of travelers is that travel insurance is only for the adventurous traveler or senior travelers. Not, true.  Travel Insurance policies are designed to meet the coverage needs of a wide variety of travelers.  In case you miss your flight, your baggage goes missing upon arrival, you are robbed of your wallet while on your trip, these are just a few of the common occurrences while traveling in which your insurance policy will cover for you, among other scenarios.

Truth: Travel Insurance covers more than you realize

 Myth: “I Can Book My Travel Insurance Later”

 So, you have booked your tickets and accommodations for your next trip; your agent recommends travel insurance and you think “I’m healthy, nothing happens to me, I’ll wait and decided later.”  Unfortunately, this thinking is not the best option.  So, a week before your trip is scheduled to depart, your travel companion/family has an unexpected accident and is admitted into the hospital, and your trip has to be canceled.  So what do you do now? What about all of your pre-paid flights and hotel bookings, if you had purchased Travel Insurance you would simply file a claim, rather than suffer the financial loss.  Travel Insurance needs to be purchased no more than 7 days after your deposit or final payment is made.  

Truth: Travel Insurance covers unexpected illness/accidents prior to your travel date as well as while traveling.

Myth: “The Airline Will Cover Me For A Delay or Cancelled Flight”

 So,  you have missed your connecting flight back home, because the previous flight was delayed due to bad weather.  Don’t be too sure about a reimbursement coming from the airline.  Unless it is a grave or unavoidable reason, an airline is not likely to reimburse you for a purchased flight ticket.  An insurance policy, on the other hand, will cover you for the cost of your flight ticket in case your flight has been canceled or delayed due to any reasonable cause.

Truth: Travel Insurance helps you through unexpected delays and cancellations.

 Myth: “All Travel Insurance Policies are the Same”

A solid myth.  There are a number of travel insurance policies available TravelCenter Tours and Travel did many hours of research prior to contracting with Arch Insurance.  We wanted to be confident that the policy we are offering our clients offers the best coverage possible as well as ease when filing a claim or requesting assistance while traveling either domestically or internationally. 

Truth: TravelCenter has done the research you just commit to the Policy

 Myth: “Travel Insurance Cost is based on My Age”

 For many policies this this is true, however the policy that TravelCenter Tours and Travel sells is based on a percentage of your trip cost not your age.

Truth: The cost of Travel Insurance outweighs the financial risk.

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